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Cancer Care and Oncology Program

Roper St. Francis Cancer Care provides expert diagnosis and treatment for many different types of cancer. Each patient’s cancer journey is unique, and our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of cancer experts take a personalized approach to each patient’s particular disease and situation.

We are pleased to present our 2018 Cancer Annual Report highlighting advances in state-of-the-art cancer care at Roper St. Francis Healthcare. View the report.

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Screenings, Prevention & Support

Roper St. Francis Cancer Care is the Lowcountry’s leading provider of adult cancer services. We offer an extensive list of screenings, prevention and support. Through screenings, we are committed to detecting cancer early when it is most treatable. Our clinical trials help us determine new ways to treat, prevent and detect cancer. We also offer guidance, education and compassionate emotional support for patients and their families.

Cancer Screenings & Prevention
Nearly 2,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients come to Roper St. Francis Cancer Care each year. We believe we have a responsibility to aid in decreasing this number. That’s why a key part of our mission is prevention.

Cancer Related Services
Roper St. Francis Cancer Care believes that support services are integral to your healing. Cancer can take a toll emotionally, spiritually, financially, as well as physically. We encourage patients and their families to use our support services, and to let us know if there are additional ways we can assist on your cancer journey.

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials offer a source of hope for many people, as well as the opportunity for researchers to find the most effective treatments for others in the future. Search our database below to find a trial that’s currently enrolling study participants.

Awards & Recognitions

commission on cancer of the american college of surgeons
National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers


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